The Regional Social Economic Trends (RSET) presents time series statistical information about the region's economic and social environment. Various data re disagregated in different dimesnions useful in the conduct of strategic planning, policy, program, and project formulation, buisness/investment decision-making, research, and feasibility studies.The information is intended to meet the needs of wide range of data users such as government agaencies/units, non-government organizations, and the general public. The RSET includes glossary of terms that provides the definition of selected statistical terminologies not widely understood by the general public.

               The RSET section of the regional website features the summary of statistical series collected and compiled by PSA-CAR. Details of the statistics for the different secors are published in its Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET -CAR) that can be availed of in hard copies and in CD-ROM. Click on the dop-down menu to view specific Sectoral Statistics.


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