2020 Religious Affiliation in Ifugao

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Monday, May 15, 2023


Explanatory Notes

This special release represents selected information on 2020 Religious Affiliation in Ifugao. Data provided in the special release were taken from the latest available data from the 2020 Census of Population and Housing of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).


Roman Catholics account for 49.24 percent of the household

Of the 207,130 household population in 2020, almost half of the household population or 101,996 persons reported Roman Catholic as their religious affiliation. This was followed by Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas Incorporated with 6,986 persons (3.37%) and Lutheran Church of the Philippines with 6,855 persons (3.30%).

From the 2020 Census of Population and Housing results, there were 1,106,409 persons in the Cordillera Administrative Region who reported Roman Catholic as their religious affiliation. This is the predominant religious affiliation in CAR. f the 1.1 million, Benguet had the highest number with 259,919 persons (23.5%) followed by Baguio City with 256,551 persons (23.2%). Third highest was recorded in Abra with 207,681 persons (18%) followed by Kalinga with 143,598 persons (13%). In our province and among all the Roman Catholics in CAR, we have 101,996 persons (9.2%) while Apayao have 70,468 persons or 6.4%. Mountain Provinces recorded 66,196 persons or 6.0%.

Episcopal Church in the Philippines was the second highest religious affiliation in the region. There were 104, 455 persons in CAR who belong to this religious affiliation. Mountain Province recorded the highest with 36, 897 persons (35.3%). It was followed by Benguet with 25,690 persons (24.6%). Kalinga came next with 21,097 persons (20.2%) followed by Baguio City with 17,250 persons (16.5%). In the province, there were only 584 persons (0.6%)

The United Church of Christ in the Philippines was the third highest religious affiliation in the region. Benguet recorded the most, with 20,798 persons (43.5%) followed by Apayao with 9,454 persons (19.8%). In Ifugao, there were 2,953 persons (6.2%).

Technical notes:


Religious affiliation refers to a particular system of beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and behaviors constituting man’s relationship with the powers and principalities of the universe. Moreover, religion is either defined as: (a) religious or spiritual belief of preference, regardless of whether or not this belief is represented by an organized group or (b) affiliation with an organized group having specific religious or spiritual tenets.


Household is a social unit consisting of person or a group of persons who sleep in the same housing unit and have a common arrangement in the preparation and consumption of food.


Household population refers to all persons who are members of the household.


The population and housing censuses in the Philippines are conducted on a “de jure” basis, that is, a person is counted in the usual place of residence or the place where the person usually resides. The enumeration of the population and collection of pertinent data in the 2020 CPH referred to all living persons as of 01 May 2020.


For the 2020 CPH, data on the Religious Affiliation of all household members were collected by asking the respondents, “What is ____’s religious affiliation?”



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