Women and Men in CAR


RA 6655
An Act Establishing and Providing For A Free Public Secondary Education and For Other Purposes
RA 6657
An Act Instituting A Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program To Promote Social Justice and Industrialization, Providing The Mechanism For Its Implementation and For Other Purposes
RA 6725
An Act Strengthening The Prohibition On Discrimination Against Women With Respect To Terms and Conditions of Employment, Amending For The Purposes Article One Hundred Thirty-Five of the Labor Code, As Amended
RA 6728
An Act Providing Government Assistance To Students and Teachers in Private Education and Appropriating Funds Therefor
RA 6938
An Act To Ordain a Cooperative Code of the Philippines
RA 6809
An Act Lowering the Age of Majority From Twenty-One To Eighteen Years, Amending For The Purpose EO No. 209, and For Other Purposes
RA 6949
An Act To Declare March Eight of Every Year As A Working Special Holiday To Be Known As National Women's Day
RA 6955
An Act To Declare Unlawful The Practice of Matching For Marriage To Foreign Nationals On A Mail-Order Basis And For Other Similar Practices, Including The Advertisement, Publication, Printing or Distribution of Brochures, Fliers and Other Propaganda Materials In Furtherance Thereof And Providing Penalty Therefor
RA 6972
An Act Establishing A Day Care Center In Every Barangay Instituting Therein A Total Development and Protection of Children Program Appropriating Funds Therefor, and For Other Purposes
RA 6981
An Act Providing for Witness Protection Security and Benefit Program and for Other Purposes
RA 7192
An Act Promoting The Integration of Women As Full and Equal Partners of Men In Development and Nation Building and For Other Purposes
RA 7305
TheMagna Carta of Public HealthWorkers
RA 7309
An Act Creating A Board of Claims Under the Dept. of Justice For Victims of Unjust Imprisonment Or Detention and Victims of Violent Crimes and For Other Purposes
RA 7322
An Act Increasing Maternity Benefits In Favor Of Women Workers In The Private Sector, Amending For The Purpose Section 14-A of Republic Act No. 1161, As Amended And For Other Purposes
RA 7394
The Consumer Act Of The Philippines
RA 7610
An Act Providing For Stronger Deterrence And Special protection Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination, Providing Penalties For Its Violation, and For Other Purposes
RA 7655
An Act Increasing the Minimum Wage of Househelpers Amending for the Purpose Article 143 of Presidential Decree No. 142, Amended
RA 7659
An Act To Impose The Death Penalty on Certain Heinous Crimes, Amending For The Purpose the Revised Penal Code, As Amended, Other Special Penal Laws, and For Other Purposes
RA 7941
An Act Providing For The Election of Party-List Representatives Through The Party-List System, And Appropriating Funds Therefor
RA 8042
An Act To Institute The Policies of Overseas Employment and Establish a Higher Standard of Protection and Promotion of the Welfare of Migrant Workers, Their Families and Overseas Filipinos in Distress, and For Other Purposes
RA 8171
An Act Providing For The Repatriation of Filipino Women Who Have Lost Their Philippines Citizenship By Marriage To Aliens and of Natural- Born Filipinos
RA 8187
An Act Granting Paternity Leave of Seven (7) Days With Full Pay To All Married Male Employees in the Private and Public Sectors for the First Four (4) Deliveries of the Legitimate Spouse With Whom He is Cohabiting and For Other Purposes
RA 8369
An Act Establishing Family Courts, Granting Them Exclusive Original Jurisdiction Over Child and Family Cases, Amending BP No. 192, As Amended, Otherwise Known as the Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1980, Appropriating Funds Therefor and For Other Purposes
RA 8505
An Act Providing Assistance and Protection for Rape Victims, Establishing for the Purpose a Rape Crisis Center in Every Province and City, Authorizing the Appropriation of Funds Therefor and for Other Purposes
RA 8972
An Act Providing for Benefits and Privileges to Solo Parents and Their Children, Appropriating Funds Therefor and for Other Purposes