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Agricultural Farm Price Statistics in the Cordillera Region: 1st Quarter 2018 and 2019

Release Date: 23 August 2019
Farm Prices Survey (FPS) is a nationwide household-based monthly survey designed to gather data on farmgate or producer’s prices received by farmers, livestock and poultry raisers for the sale of their produce, at the first point of sale, excluding transportation and delivery cost.
The general purpose of the FPS is to gather reliable price information at the farm level. It aims to develop sets of price indices and to measure the purchasing power of growers of selected agricultural products and serve as input in analyzing the seasonal trends and variation in agricultural prices.
The availability of marketing information on agriculture, particularly on farm prices, is essential not only in the formulation of economic programs and policies of the government but also in the production planning and decision-making to optimize profit.
A. Cereals
Figure 1. Quarterly Average Farmgate Prices of Cereals, CAR: 1st
Quarter 2017 & 2018 (pesos/kg)

  • The average farmgate price of palay other variety (dry) went down from ₱19.40 during the first quarter of 2018 to ₱18.62 per kilogram during the first quarter of 2018. During the same period, the price of yellow corn increased from ₱12.75 to ₱13.50 per kilogram.

B. Livestock and Poultry

  • The average farmgate price of live weight livestock and poultry increased from the first quarter of 2018 to first quarter of 2019. Price of cattle increased from ₱118.66 to ₱122.21; hogs from ₱117.36 to ₱120.03; goat from ₱107.81 to ₱120.06; chicken native from ₱142.87 to ₱176.71; and duck from ₱139.12 to ₱161.22 per kilogram (Figure 2).
Figure 2. Quarterly Average Farmgate Prices of Livestock and Poultry,
CAR: 1st Quarter 2018 & 2019 (pesos/kg)
C. Leafy Vegetables
Figure 3. Quarterly Average Farmgate Prices of Leafy Vegestables, CAR:
1st Quarter 2018 & 2019 (pesos/kg)
  • Due to increased production during the first quarter of 2019, the prices of most leafy vegetables in the Cordillera declined. The farmgate price of cabbage dropped from ₱19.39 to ₱14.75; cauliflower from ₱50.84 to ₱24.69; lettuce from ₱61.22 to ₱50.62; and pechay native from ₱30.98 to ₱25.58 per kilogram. However, prices of celery and pechay Chinese went up from ₱23.03 to ₱33.95 and ₱15.95 to ₱17.53 respectively. (Figure 3).
D. Fruit Vegetables
Figure 4. Quarterly Average Farmgate Prices of Fruit Vegestables, CAR:
1st Quarter 2018 & 2019 (pesos/kg)
  • On fruit vegetables, the average farmgate price of ampalaya decreased from ₱32.26 to ₱26.01; squash from ₱22.57 to ₱16.62; and tomato from ₱19.71 to ₱12.97. On the other hand, the prices of chayote increased from ₱6.99 to ₱15.2; and eggplant long from ₱21.06 to ₱21.58 (Figure 4).

E. Roots and Tubers

Figure 5. Quarterly Average Farmgate Prices of Roots and Tubers, CAR:
1st Quarter 2018 & 2019 (pesos/kg)
The average farmgate prices of carrots decreased from ₱25.27 to ₱17.25 and white potato from ₱30.39 to ₱22.85. Meanwhile, the prices of sweet potato increased from ₱19.88 to ₱26.38 and cassava fresh tubers from ₱11.29 to ₱11.81 per kilogram (Figure 5).
F. Beans and Legumes
Figure 6. Quarterly Average Farmgate Price of Beans and
Legumes, CAR: 1st Quarter 2018 & 2019 (pesos/kg)
  • Generally, the average farmgate prices of beans and legumes decreased. Price of habitchuelas from dropped from ₱25.04 to ₱23.64, stringbeans from ₱26.92 to ₱25.48 and sweet peas, Chinese Baguio from ₱80.91 to ₱65.75 per kilogram (Figure 6).

G. Condiments

Figure 7. Quarterly Average Farmgate Prices of Condiments, CAR: 1st
Quarter 2018 & 2019 (pesos/kg)
  • The changes in average farmgate prices of available condiments in the region in the first quarter of 2019 fluctuated. The price of ginger native slightly went down from ₱25.18 to ₱25.11; onion leeks from ₱36.15 to ₱32.45 and pepper bell from ₱ 50.85 to ₱ 31.08. However, the price of ginger Hawaiian went up from ₱25.66 to ₱26.22 per kilogram (Figure 7).

H. Fruits

Figure 8. Quarterly Average Farm Gate Prices of Fruits, CAR,
1st Quarter 2018 & 2019 (pesos/kg)

Technical Notes

Farmgate Price - price received by farmers for selling their produce at the first point of sale. These prices depend on the place of sale which may be within the production site, at the wholesale market or other areas.
Cereals - any grass cultivated that produces grain that can be used for food.
Livestock - domesticated animals raised in agricultural setting and used by people.
Poultry - domesticated birds kept for eggs or meat.
Leafy Vegetables - type of vegetables harvested for the consumption of their leafy parts.
Fruit Vegetables - type of vegetables that are technically fruit.
Root and tubers - group of plants with tubers on the underground stems or on the side roots that are used for food,
Beans and Legumes - seed of any various erect or climbing plants purposively used for food.
Condiments - type of plants that is added to food to enhance its flavor.
Fruits - usually sweet food that grows on trees, hills and bush.


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