2018 Census of Philippine Business and Industry (CPBI) Results: Sector N (Administrative and Support Service Activities)

Reference Number: 

SR 2021-14

Release Date: 

Friday, May 28, 2021
Industry Section N includes a variety of activities that support general business operations. The primary purpose of this activities is not the same with Sector M: Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities because there is no transfer of specialized knowledge. This industry section also includes 19 industry groups covering a variety of activities that support general business operations.
The highlights of the 2018 CPBI for administrative and support service activities are presented in Figure 1. It covers the number of establishments and total employees
engaged in administrative and support service activities, total revenue and total expenses incurred, as well as the total value added generated.
Figure 1. CPBI Results for Administrative and Support Service Activities (ASS), CAR: 2018
  • The final results of the 2018 CPBI showed that a total of 190 establishments in the formal sector of the economy of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) were engaged in Administrative and Support Service Activities. It increased by 192.3% compared to the 65 establishments recorded in 2012.
  • In 2012, there were 4,870 employees employed in ASS, wherein 4,842 were paid employees. In 2018, it increased by 148.3% or 12,091 workers. This was composed of 47.8% or 5,782 male employees and 52.2% or 6,309 female employees. Out of the 12,091 employees, 12,009 were paid employees.
  • The total revenue generated by the establishments engaged in ASS activities in the region amounted to PhP4.9 billion in 2018. The total revenue was increased by 246.6% compared to the PhP1.3 billion in 2012.
  • A total of PhP4.4 billion expenses were incurred in 2018, indicating an increase of 266.6% from the PhP1.2billion in 2012. Out of the PhP4.4 billion in 2018, 63.8% or PhP2.8 billion were spent for compensation expense while the remaining 36.2% or PhP1.6 billion were spent for other expenses.
  • The industry section generated total value added of PhP555.3 billion in 2018 which increased from the 2012 value added of PhP252.7 billion. CAR recorded a total of PhP3.7 billion value added in 2012 for this industry section.
  • In terms of gross additions to tangible fixed assets, a total of PhP106.7 million were also recorded in the region for this industry section. However, no subsidy from the government was recorded for this specific industry.

Top industry groups in terms of number of establishments

Figure 2. Top Industry Group in Terms of Number of Establishments, CAR: 2018
  • Among the industry groups, Office Administrative and Support activities topped the list with 50 establishments. It was followed by Employment Placement Agencies with 40 establishments and Travel Agencies and Tour Operator activities with 26 establishments.

Call centers and other related activities are the biggest employer

Figure 3. Top Industry Group in Terms of Number of Employment, CAR: 2018


  • In terms of total employment, Call Centers and Other Related Activities employed the highest number of employees with 9,639. It was followed by Private Security Activities, and Office Administrative and Support Activities with 1,332 employees and 324 employees respectively.
  • As the top employer in terms of employees, Call Centers and Other Related Activities also spent the highest compensation expenses with PhP2.6 billion.


Call centers and other related activities incurred the highest total revenue and expenses
Figure 4. Top Industry Group in Terms of Total Revenue, CAR: 2018
  • Across industry group, call centers and other related activities had the largest share in revenue with PhP4.6 billion. Cleaning Activities followed next with a total revenue of PhP115.7 million and Office Administrative and Support Activities with PhP68.3 million.
  • The top two industry groups that contributed the highest revenue were also the top 2 industries in the total expenses incurred in 2018. Call center and other related activities topped at PhP4.03 billion, cleaning activities came second at PhP98.4 million. The third was private security that incurred PhP61.8 million.
Figure 5. Top Industry Group in Terms of Total Expenses, CAR: 2018
Highest value added was recorded at PhP3.4 billion
Call Centers and Other Related Activities posted the highest value added with PhP3.4 billion. This was followed by Private Security Activities that generated PhP57.7 million value added. Private Security Activities was closely followed by Business Support Service Activities that generated Php56.01 million value added.


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