Civil Registration

Requesting for a Civil Registry Document


  • Application made in person by the owner or by his/her representatives will be received at different Census Serbilis Centers.
  • Documents applied at the East Avenue Census Serbilis Outlet will be released on the same outlet on the date specified in the receipt.


Note: If the request is done through conventional postal service system or through e-mail, the certification shall be sent to the requesting party through conventional postal service system.

Information to be Provided for the Issuance of Birth Certificate :

  1. Complete name of the child (first, middle, last)
  2. Complete name of the father
  3. Complete maiden name of the mother
  4. Date of Birth (month day, year)
  5. Place of birth (city/municipality, province)
  6. Whether or not registered late. (If registered late, please state the year when it was registered)
  7. Complete name and address of thye requesting party
  8. Relationship to the child
  9. Number of copies neede
  10. Purpose of the certification

Note: Issuance of certification of birth is subject to the confidentiality  clause of Article 7 of the Child and youth welfare code  which provides:

Art. 7.  Nondisclosure of birth records. The records of a person's birth shall be kept strictly confidential and no information relating thereto shall be issued except on the request of any of the following:

  1. The person himself, or any person authorized by him;
  2. His spouse, his parent or parents, his direct descendants, or the guardian or institution legally incharge of him, if he is a minor;
  3. The court or proper public official whenever absolutely necessary in administrative, judicial or other official proceedings to determine the identity of the child's parents or other circumstances surrounding his birth; and
  4. In case of the person's death, the nearest of kin.

Any person violating the prohibition shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of at least two months or a fine in an amount not exceeding five hundred pesos, or both, in the discretion of the court.