Preliminary Death Statistics Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR): 2021

Reference Number: 

SR 2022-10

Release Date: 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Data on deaths presented in this special release were obtained from the Office of the City/Municipal Registrars throughout the region and submitted to the Philippine Statistics Authority - Regional Statistical Services Office Cordillera Administrative Region (PSA-RSSO CAR) through the Decentralized Vital Statistics System (DVSS) 2021 of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Provincial Offices (POs) of the Cordillera region. Information presented included deaths registered for the year 2012 to 2021. Figures presented herein are still preliminary and may differ in the final counts.


Registered Deaths in the Region Increased

  • A total of 13,554 deaths were registered in the Cordillera Administrative Region during the year 2021. The figure indicated an increase of 58.7 percent death occurrence from the 2020 figure of 8,540.
  • Throughout the last ten years, the number of deaths registered in the Region shows an increasing trend, with the exception of 2017 and 2020 which indicated a downward trend.

Figure 1. Number of Registered Deaths: CAR, 2012 -2021


On the Average, 37 Die in a Day

  • On the average, there were about 37 registered deaths daily or almost 2 registered deaths per hour in the Region.
  • In 2021, deaths occurrences were high during the 3rd quarter of the year. Consequently, the month of September recorded the highest number of deaths with 1,965 or 14 percent.
  • The month of February had the least number of registered deaths with 778 or 6 percent.

Figure 2. Number of Registered Live Births by Month: CAR, 2021

Forty seven for every  One hundred Deaths Occurred in the Province of Benguet

  • In terms of number of registered deaths by usual place of residence, Benguet had the highest registered deaths with 6,381, followed by Abra at 2,093.
  • The least registered deaths occurred in the province of Apayao with 1,006.

Figure 3. Number of Registered Live Births by Province: CAR, 2021

More deaths among males are recorded than females

  • The result of the registered deaths in the Cordillera Administrative Region revealed more death occurrences among males which accounted to 56 percent, while 5,950 or 44 percent recorded deaths for females. This resulted in a sex ratio of 128 male deaths per 100 female deaths.

Figure 4. Percentage of Registered Deaths by Sex: CAR, 2021

Seven out of Twenty Deaths are Attended by Others

  • Based on the results of the registered deaths for the year 2021, 42 percent or 5,752 were medically attended. Vital events such as death are considered medically attended when there is a presence of private physician, public health officer and hospital authority that provide medical assistance to the deceased.
  • There were 4,720 or 35 percent who were attended by others.
  • 3,026 or 22 percent registered deaths did not get any medical administration.

Figure 5. Percentage of Registered Deaths by Type of Attendant at Death: CAR, 2021


Five in every Ten Corpses in the Region Disposed through Cremation

  • For the Year 2021, 94 in every 100 corpses were buried.
  • In the region, 5 in every 10 corpses were disposed through cremation which is another choice for corpse disposal in 2021.
  • The Province of Benguet had the highest registered disposed corpses through burial recorded at 44 percent.

Table 1. Number of Registered Deaths by Corpse Disposal: CAR, 2021


Most Deaths in the Region Occurred at Home

  • Majority of the registered deaths in the region occurred at home with 58 percent.
  • Forty one percent of the total registered deaths took place in the hospital.

Table 2. Number of Registered Deaths by Site of Occurrence: CAR, 2021


Four out of Five Male deaths occurred at the age of 64-69

  • Figure 7 shows an inverted pyramid, with fewer deaths at the younger age except for ages 9 and below, and progressively increases as age increased .
  • There were 1,034 or 8 percent registered male deaths under the age bracket  64-69. While, 1,716 or 13 percent females died at ages 82-87.

Figure 6. Number of Registered Deaths by Sex and Age Distribution: CAR, 2021