Facts on Men and Women in Mountain Province

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Friday, March 18, 2022

This Special Release presents the Vital Statistics on the registered Civil Registration events at the Local Civil Registry Offices in the ten municipalities of the province and forwarded to the Office of the Civil Registrar General. Data comprised of births, marriages and deaths that are registered in the Years 2020- 2021. Statistics presented here is from the DVSS at the Provincial Office thus, not yet the Final Data.


More Babies Born to Teenage Mothers than Teenage Fathers

Babies born to teenage mothers at 215 are far higher than those babies sired by teenage fathers at 65. In 2020, teenage moms who gave birth are at 330, lower by 18.72 percent from the figure in 2019 at 406.


Four in Every Ten Teenage Mothers are Listed in Bauko

According to records by municipality, Bauko registered the most number of teenage mothers at 88 which is 40.93 percent of the total teenage mothers listed in the province. This means that four in every ten teenage mothers in the province is recorded in this municipality. This is followed by Paracelis at 60 or 27.91 percent of the total and the Capital Town Bontoc at 28 or 13.02 percent share. Same trend is also observed in 2020 and 2019.

While most of the municipalities recorded a considerable decrease in number of teenage mothers, Besao recorded the highest percentage of increase. Bontoc, Sabangan and Tadian also increased but at a minimal rate.


14-Year-Old Girl- Youngest Mother

The youngest age of a mother that gave birth in 2021 is 14 years old and they are registered in the municipalities of Bauko and Paracelis. Same age was registered as youngest mother for the last 2 consecutive years.

According to birth order, the youngest mother who already gave birth to her 2nd child is 16 years old; for her 3rd child is 18 years old. These girls are registered in the municipalities of Bauko and Paracelis. In addition, the youngest who already bore her 4th child is 19 years old.

For teenage fathers, the youngest is 16 years old and they are registered in Bauko and Besao. There is also a 19-year-old boy who already sired his 2nd child.


Babies Born to Unwed Mothers Down by 16.88 Percent

A total of 891 babies are born to unwed mothers in 2021. This is 16.88 percent lower than the recorded births to unwed mothers in 2020 at 1,072. The three municipalities that recorded the highest number of illegitimate children or those born outside a valid marriage of parents are Bauko (354); Bontoc (195); and Paracelis (207).

Categorizing by sex, illegitimate births are slightly higher among male babies than females.

Categorizing by municipality, Paracelis has the highest proportion of illegitimate children who are registered in 2021. Of the births registered in this municipality, 38.98 percent are illegitimate. This means that about four in every ten births in this municipality are illegitimate.

Tadian has the lowest proportion of children born out of wedlock. Of the 49 registered births, 14.29 percent are illegitimate.


One in Every Four Mothers Who Gave Birth is 25 to 29 Years Old

The modal age group of childbearing in 2021 in Mountain Province is at 25 to 29 years old. The highest frequency of live births at 791 or 26.11 percent belonged to mothers in this age group. This means that about one in every four women who gave birth this year is under the ages 25 to 29 years. This is followed by age group 20 to 24 years at 21.25 percent.

According to single year, the highest number of mothers who gave birth are those aged 27 years old.

It is also observed that there are children aged 10 to 14 years old who already gave birth and they comprised 0.13 percent of women who gave birth in Mountain Province. They are registered in Bauko and Paracelis.

Meanwhile, the oldest mother who gave birth in the province this year is 51 years old and is registered in the municipality of Paracelis. In 2020, the oldest is 49 years old and is listed in Tadian.

The median age of women who gave birth is 28 years while most men became parents at age 28 also.

In 2020, the highest number of mothers who gave birth are also under the age group 25 to 29 years old.

On the other hand, fathers of the same age group are recorded to have sired the highest frequency at 757 gentlemen or 24.56 percent of the total fathers of babies born this year.

Moreover, babies sired by fathers aged 45 years old and over are far greater at 151 than the babies born to mothers of the same age group at just 7.


Four in Every Ten Births in the Province are Registered in Bauko

According to municipality, the highest number of female births is recorded in Bauko. It registered 658 female births or 43.84 percent of the total female births in the province. This is followed by Bontoc at 310 female births and Paracelis at 249.

As expected, the least number is recorded in Barlig at just 15 female births or 1.0 percent share.

While the 2 top populous municipalities registered more male births, Bontoc posted the opposite trend. Its female births are higher than its male births at 11.


An average of Four Female Babies is Born Per Day

A total of 3,030 babies are registered in Mountain Province in 2021, an average of 8 babies born daily. Of the average 8 babies, 4 are males and four are females. At the national level, an average of three babies are born per minute.

Bauko as the most populous municipality based on the latest census of population recorded the highest number at 1,341 births. This transcends to about 4 babies (2 males and 2 females) born per day in this municipality.


Seven in Every Ten Female Births in the Province are Attended by a Physician

Of the 1,501 female births registered in the province, 1,076 or 71.69 percent are attended by a physician while 5.80 percent are attended by midwives. The remaining percentage are either attended by nurses, hilot/ unlicensed midwives and others.

The highest proportion of female births attended by physicians is in Bauko. Of the 658 female babies registered in this municipality, 93.47 percent are attended by a physician; 4.86 percent are attended by others while 1.06 percent are attended by midwives.

There are no female births attended by a physician in Sadanga and Tadian while no midwife attended female births in Sagada.

Majority of the female births in Barlig (46.67 percent); Natonin (48.98 percent); Paracelis (43.78 percent); Sadanga (42.86 percent); and Tadian (90.91 percent are attended by others.


Sex Ratio is at 102

There are slightly more males (1,529 or 50.46 percent) that are born in 2021 than females (1501or 49.54 percent). This resulted to a sex ratio of 102 males per 100 females.


December is a Marry Month in Mountain Province

In 2021, the most preferred months to get marry for couples is December with 101 marriages or 14.74 percent of the total marriages registered in Mountain Province. This also means that about one in every ten couples that got married this year prefer to marry in December. It is followed by May at 11.39 percent and July at 11.09 percent.

The least number of marriages occurred in October with just 27.

On the average, 2 couples married per day in Mountain Province in 2021.  



More Women Marry at an Early Age than Men

Based on the registered marriages in the province in 2021, most of the brides marry at ages 25 to 29 years old at 38.25 percent. This also means that about 4 in every 10 brides are under the age group 25 to 29 years.

Same trend is observed in most of the municipalities. It is in Barlig, Besao Paracelis and Sabangan whose preference is at ages 20 to 24 years.

A younger preference of brides is noted in Paracelis since the highest number of teenage brides is recorded in this municipality. It is also noted that about 2 in every 10 women who got married in Paracelis this year is a teenager and the youngest bride recorded is listed in this municipality.

Marriages involving teenage brides are about 4 times more than marriages with teenage grooms. It is also observed that there is a marriage involving a teenage bride aged under 15.

Preference for males and females to get marry is the same. Majority of the grooms in the province prefer to marry also at ages 25 to 29 years old. Besao has its modal age for grooms at 20 to 24 years.

The median age at marriage for brides is at 26 years while for grooms is at 27 years.


Seven in Every Ten Marriages are Solemnized Through Civil Rites

Of the total marriages solemnized through different ceremonies in the province in 2021, 467 or 68.18 percent are contracted through civil rites. Other matrimonial ceremonies are officiated in Roman Catholic Churches (9.64 percent); tribal wedding (0.88 percent) and other religious rites (21.17 percent).

Meanwhile, all marriages in Barlig are solemnized thru civil weddings. 


More Male Deaths are Recorded in the Province

Of the 1,312 deaths in Mountain Province in 2021, 54.88 percent are males. Seven municipalities recorded more male deaths than their female counterpart with the municipality of Bauko pushing the overall increase in terms of provincial data.

Three municipalities- Sadanga, Sagada and Tadian have more female deaths with Tadian having the highest number of differences for females to males.

In 2020, male deaths are still higher than the female deaths.


More Female Deaths in Old Age than Males

It was observed in 2021 that the most number of deaths occurred at ages 81 to 85 years with 12.50 percent of the total and mostly females. This is an indication that women live longer than men. This trend is also observed on the deaths for ages 86 years old and over wherein 61.90 percent are females.

The age group 11 to 15 years has the least number of recorded deaths among the other age groups with only 0.53 percent share to the total.


About Five in Every Ten Female Deaths are Widowed

According to marital status of the dead, 619 or 47.18 percent are married; 33.31 percent are widow/ widower; and 19.51 percent are single.

A different trend is seen in Sagada and Tadian. Most of the deaths are widowed.

According to sex, about 6 in every 10 male deaths are married.

For female deaths, 49.32 percent are widowed. This means that almost 5 in every 10 female deaths in the province.


Most Number of Deaths in October

The month of October recorded the highest number of deaths in the province at 12.50 percent while January and July have the least number of deaths with 5.72 percent each.

On the average, 4 deaths occurred daily in Mountain Province during the year. Of this, 2 are male deaths and the other 2 are female deaths.   

By sex, the highest frequency of male deaths occurred in October with 11.67 percent of the total deaths in the province. This means that about one in every ten male deaths in 2021 occurred in October. Their lowest is recorded in July at 5.97 percent.

For females, the most number is registered in October also while the lowest is in the month of January.


Three in Every 100 Deaths in the Province are Infants

Of the total number of deaths in the province, 3.13 percent are infants. Of this, 58.54 percent are males and 41.46 percent are females. This means that infant deaths are higher for males.  Infant deaths are those that occurred before reaching the age of 1.

By municipality, the highest number of infant deaths are registered in Bauko at 63.41 percent of all infant deaths in the province. Of this, 57.69 percent are males and 42.31 percent are females. This shows that about 4 in every 10 infant deaths in Mountain Province occurred in this municipality. This is followed by Bontoc with 10 deaths, Paracelis with 2 deaths, and the municipalities of Sagada and Tadian with 1 death each. The rest of the municipalities have no infant deaths this year.