Reference No.:SR-202008-013
Release Date.:25 August 2020
This report summarizes the data gathered from April to June 2020 documents submitted from the local civil registry offices of the eleven municipalities in the province of Ifugao. The number of vital events in Ifugao for the 2nd semester reached 846 registered documents. This represents 42.68% decreased from the 1,476 registered vital events from the previous semester. An utmost decreased of registration due to COVID-19 pandemic that place Luzon, NCR and other provinces in Visayas and Mindanao in Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Some municipality have no recorded vital events due to suspended transactions during ECQ. The province generated the following statistics: 633 for birth, 44 for marriage and 169 for death. In this April to June 2020 issue, the Philippine Statistics Authority of Ifugao presents the number of births, marriages, and deaths registered by municipalities in the province. The data are preliminary result from the Decentralized Vital Statistics System 2011 based on the documents submitted by the Local Civil Registry Offices in Ifugao.
Registered live births decreased by 32.01 percent
The number of registered live births in the province of Ifugao in the 2nd semester 2020 totalled to 633, lower by 32.01 percent from 931 registered live births in the 1st semester 2020.
Lamut top registered live births in the 2nd quarter 2020
Among the 11 municipalities in the province, Lamut recorded the most number of births in the province of Ifugao for the 2nd quarter of 2020 with 204, lower by 40 percent from 340 total registered births in the 1st quarter 2020. Lamut is the location of the government hospital in Ifugao which is the Panopdopan District Hospital, hence, a high number of registered births were recorded. Other municipalities with high number of registered births are Alfonso Lista with 106 births, also with a district hospital and distantly behind are Tinoc with 66, Aguinaldo with 54 and Banaue with 47 births.
Meanwhile, the municipality of Hingyon with 4 or 0.63 percent of the total registered births had reported the least number of births in the province.
Figure 1. Number of Births Registered by Municipality, 2nd Quarter 2020

Table 1. Number of Births Registered by Municipality, by Month, 2nd Quarter 2020